Sunday, April 23, 2017

ACS Annual Art Show

Join us at the YMI for our annual art show! The opening reception is Sunday, April 23, from 4-6pm at the YMI center. The YMI is located downtown behind the Diana Wortham building at 39 S Market St. The show will be up until May 2 with viewing hours from 12-4 Tues-Friday. Come and see our talented students work!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Post Impressionism

Organic Shapes:

After discussing and analyzing the characteristics of a variety of artwork from this time period, the students created a layered organic, design of their choice, using oil pastels to create the texture of post impressionistic art.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Art that makes a difference

6th grade worked hard to create artwork to inspire students to want to stay in school and graduate. Based off of America's Promise Alliance model, students got creative! Here a few samples.

Making Paper

Rotating stations for making paper! Station 1: Tearing, Station 2: Making Pulp, Station 3: Paper Sifting, and Station 4: Ironing. Super fun!

Amate Paper Fall 2015

Amate Paper is from the Aztec and Mayan culture used to chronicle their history made on handmade paper. This is a very involved and intricate project where students first listen to a story of it's history, then they brainstorm events and places that are special to them in their lives. After spending a few days hand-making their own paper from recycled scraps, they begin to design a layout that brings 3-4 of their special events into one piece of art. Some used roads or pathways to create continuity, but they all used overlapping to create an appearance of depth, space and unity. I love this project and I think so do the kids. Check out the post titled Making Paper!

Still Life Drawings

7th grade read about Still Life artists and what makes a 3D object look realistic on paper. They used light, value shading, overlapping and scale. This still life consisted of a real fruits and vegi bowl set up in the middle of class. From different perspectives they drew the still life from their view point. Each student was encouraged to design their own background in a medium of their choice. This allowed them to think about which medium would be best suited for their ideas.