Thursday, April 30, 2020

At Home Learning: African Masks

Students learned about African Art and masks (slideshow here) then they made their own masks out of recyclables and whatever materials they had available at their houses. Most students named them and wrote about what the mask represented. I am very impresed with the turn out.

My mask´s names is Changa Cho Codou and she controls all birds. The feathers represent the birds and the green dots around her face represent seeds to call the birds. The blue marbles also resemble water Changa Cho Codou gives to the birds. When someone is around the mask they have to dance like a bird and flap their arms.

My mask's name is Bella because it means “Beautiful” or Amelia because it means “work”. My mask represents Women rights: 
￿Spiky hair represents how men assume that females are soft and kind, when really they 

can be anything. ￿Purple lips because its shows boldness ￿The blue Dome the her forehead represents common sense

Onwa Otaego
Is the goddess of the moon, fertility, and compassion. She is very shy and quiet, but very kind, and is willing to help anyone. She is a feminist and the mother of the stars. Every month on the full night she causes a beautiful dim light to wash over the world. The dots represent her children. The stars, and her red lips represent the blood moon.

 It's name is Spika wa Simba, which is Lion Speaker in Swahili, which is the most common used African language. I used the colors red, yellow, green and black, because those are the colors of Africa.

The name of my African mask is Reign. It means new beginnings.

This is Daqo Chisay(name of one of the monks from breath of the wild) and he is the god of eternal sadness and suffering. The chinks in the mask represent pain. The dots on one side of the face represent sacrifices made. The lines on the face represent damage in society. 

This mask is called Serpentine. Because of the colors that are on this, it reminded me of a coral snake, that’s why I named it Serpentine. I used the lines near the eyes on mine and did a similar layout. I thought it was cool how they used simple lines ad colors but it still looks amazing. I was also inspired by the Coral snake, for my color scheme.

This is a Wildebeest. It represents a warrior and new beginnings. The black wildebeest is depicted on the coat of arms of the Province of Natal in South Africa. In many parts of Africa people migrate to hunt the wildebeest. so kinda new beginnings.

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